[Wolves] two question's 'linux web servers' and 'active directory'

Simon Burke simonb at geek-web.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 21:56:37 GMT 2004


Ok, i have this new server but i dont know what Os to run on it all i 
need is Apache, mySQL, a DNS and an email server. Other than BSD, which 
os would be best suited to this role, i've been casually looking at 
distros but cant decide.

Second question, Does anyone know active directory, i just ask cuz we 
have a win2003 server at work, but no-one has permissions to browse the 
network, even domain admin. The permisions are set per user as far as i 
know to allow net browsing, but  when anyone tries they get an 
unauthorised to access this location error message. Any ideas??


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