[Wolves] Nervous breakdown

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 14:35:13 GMT 2004

Hi David


But don't bother with that i've got too many other linux problems to
cope with at the moment and it doesn't help not having a clue what I'm
bloody doing.

1: Did an overlay installation of Fedora over RH9 (Now things like
network control won't work plus other stuff) luckily a college said use
the /sbin/ifup eth0:3 command

2: Up2date stopped working but I solved that (I hope) with Yum

3: Followed instructions (they are written down in a form that any fool
can follow) to the letter for setting up cron jobs to run Sophos
antivirus sweeps automatically and a script called Savget to update
Sophos. Will it work? Will it bollocks! I can run them manually no
problem (apart from sweeping the mail haven't figured that one out yet!)
but as a cron? Don't be stupid I'd have more luck getting a pay rise.

4: Spent all day Saturday (09:00 to 19:00) trying to get the laptop
(Fedora) to talk to the pc (Suse) Matt kindly sent info but all to no
avail nearly threw everything out the window and was tempted to give up
on Linux altogether.

5. My mails to the list seem to be selective some get through some

6: Got some half loaded programs from the Linux Format cover disks
spewed over the Fedora system because make install did not work and I
don't know how to clean off part installed programs that have been
installed using ./configure, make, make install.

7: I'm convinced my Fedora has 2 billion faults and errors on it even
though it eventually fires up and I can browse the Internet, send emails
and write and save documents. However I really don't want to wipe it and
install again as I don't think it would resolve much other than having
only 1 billion as apposed to 2 billion problems.

8: My total Linux claim to fame at present stands at "I can turn the
poxy thing on an off" impressive or what!

9: Kyle Monogue has stopped taking my calls

I am now not allowed any sharp objects said the nice nurse when she gave
me two big blue tablets (and not orally I might add! Funny thing, is
that right? it does take 6 people and a camera crew to do this kind of

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 13:33, David Goodwin wrote:
> >>grr... did you not take the hint from that anti-html email thread?
> > 
> > 
> > If it makes you happy I'll convert to text but it is under protest plus now I'll have 
> > to work harder as the links won't work so I'll have to cut and paste "Bah hum bug"
> > 
> Err - what client are you using? Mozilla/Netscape will figure out links, 
>   when displaying a received message - and allow you to click on them.
> I'm sure nearly all other clients do the same as well.
> David.
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