[Wolves] The good samaritan

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Tue Feb 17 13:47:48 GMT 2004

> Mind you (Don't start frothing at the mouth just making an observation)
> I thought thats what the LUG was for? amongst other things.


That's true to an extent - most people don't mind helping someone a 
couple of times, but eventually the hope is that they will learn from 
experience and become self sufficient (and therefore be in a position to 
help others eventually) - at least on the more basic problems. Obviously 
as they become more experienced they are likely to do wierder/more 
advanced stuff --- however at this point the knowledge of the LUG is 
unlikely to be sufficient as it's likely that you would out grow the 
knowledge of the group in a particular area which may be of interest to 
you .... so you will have to look outside of your little world/LUG 
sometime regardless, so you may as well get used to it :)

(hoping the above makes sense)

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