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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Feb 18 13:51:20 GMT 2004

Hi Kat

Blimey have I just landed from the planet Mars?

Over the last few days I have made some postings which were serious,
generally most responses were funny and sent in that vein. Today I
thought I would inject a little humour at my own expense (you know
stereo type father over possessive over protective and so on) so far
every one I have related this story too has wet themselves with laughter
(Including my wife, children and mother in-law) it was meant to be funny

I agree with your sentiments in part

1: 12 years may be OK if it is done correct. Not in this case were, in a
20 minute lesson a teacher to a class of 30+ kids reads from a sheet
verbatim shoves it in their hands and says take this home.

2: In my day sex education was not as good as today however judging by
the amount of failed marriages, single mothers, fathers paying child
support to one, two and three woman I wonder if it is better? I hasten
to add I work with someone who currently pays CS for three separate
woman and he's just under 30 so he would have been educated in the
progressive ideas era. 

3: My wife and I are open with our children however some old ways are
better ie "there is a time and a place for everything" I know of umpteen
families who get pissed night after night in front of their kids and
then complain when the kids start coming home drunk. Standards and
protecting what is yours is nothing to be ashamed of.

I will not live in the gutter, some people like it down there, walking
down the road with a can of special brew in their hand letting the kids
pee up a tree or in an alley because they are too lazy to go into a shop
and ask " my kids been caught short could I use your loo?"

Oh and finally I was a kid too, once, surprise surprise I know what goes
on in the camp they built on the red wreck.

Really nice guy honest


On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 13:11, Kat Goodwin wrote:

> I think its difficult to learn how to handle interactions between genders
> when they aren't allowed to develop relationships.  Discussing issues
> frankly and providing them with the information they need to make choices
> is, imho, as much as you can do.  In my experience (and I was a teenager
> not all that long ago...) those children whose parents forbid them to do
> such things either took that as a prompt to behave as 'badly' as they
> could, or were forced to hide perfectly innocent relationships that did
> arise.
> Of course, its all a matter of personal choice as a parent...
> Kat
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