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Wed Feb 18 16:39:06 GMT 2004

Hi bambam (says it all really)

You haven't read the other postings? You obviously know a lot about this
sort of thing.

Pity you never learnt another lesson: get the facts strait before you

It all started as a Joke (but never again (abandon all humour who enter
here) it starts too many soap boxes) I was trying to be a middle aged
(thats what I am) funny guy I've learnt my lesson. It's a bit like when
you go in a night club and all the sixteen year olds look at you as if

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 17:00, bambam at opendildonics.org wrote:
> Was your post serious? I just can't believe it was! Here's a
> response anyway:
> > Yes they are a very precocious 12 (Twins I might add) Monique (one of my
> > daughters) thought it highly amusing the other night to wait until I had
> > been home a couple of hours, laid on the floor in front of the tele,
> > engrossed in a program and give me a piece of A4 paper "daddy look at
> > what we did in school today" I read the first couple of lines (not
> > really taking much notice to be honest) when mount Vesuvius erupted!
> >
> > There in black and white, full on, no holds barred was full explanation
> > of sex and sexual intercourse.
> >
> > Now I'm no prude but at 12yrs I think it could have been handled a bit
> > more delicate. My daughters thought it hysterical and proceeded to ask
> > "do you do that dad?" I am now hiding in the spare room and seeking
> > political asylum in the Falklands.
> Excellent! I think we should go back to the good old days:
> When you had a problem "down there" you just shut up about
> it and hoped it went away: Back when men were men and women
> had no idea what was going to happen on their wedding
> night....
> And practically got raped when that time came around.
No, while I don't know your age I suspect your younger than me and don't
need to know about sex just how to administer Rohypnol.
> I think that left far less physical, mental, emotional and
> social scars than you would have suffered by explaining the
> social context of what your own blood had learned at school.
> I'm fairly sure: no, wait, I *am* sure that these things are
> relevant in the Falkland Islands. And we own them, you don't
> need asylum, you just move there.
Yawn: yes they are at the moment part of British sovereignty. Hmm two
pedantic's in one group now there's a novelty. (see previous postings)
> > Finally my girls will not be having boyfriends as blokes only want one
> > thing and if they say "I just want to be friends" or "I just want to buy
> > you a drink" they're lying buggers.
> And have you expained this to the girls? Have you explained
> that they shoudn't think ill of half the world just because
> this is their primary goal? Have you explained that
> propagation of genetic code is the only function that
> determines success on an evolutionary scale - making all men
> finely tuned propagating machines? And that it's not the
> guy's fault - but you still shoudln't just give them what
> they want?
> No, wait - I forgot, you're hiding in the Falklands!
> What you teach your children will determine what mechanism
> they use to deal with problems as they arise - fill them
> with toolkits of understanding!
Thank you Doctor bloody spock (not the star trek one either Mr Picky)
> Especially girls: I've known *so* many females absolutely
> screwed to pieces emotionally because these things were
> never properly explained to them.
Ooh and I just bet you oozed understanding with no ulterior motive at
> Nothing personal you understand: perhaps if you'd met some
> of the screwed up people I have. :-)
And why would I take offence? You presume to lecture me on a subject you
obviously know nothing about (You have no children of your own I take
it) so I'm really going to sit up and listen arn't I.

When you've got the cradle marks off you're arse then come and talk to

Ps I will be at the next meet
> Oh wow - I've tried to keep this post as low as possible on
> the bambam gaffo-meter.
> Just my 2-penneth worth :-)
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