[Wolves] Wolves IRC?

sparkes sparkes at phreaker.net
Thu Feb 19 10:25:21 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 09:00, fizzy wrote:
>  --- sparkes <sparkes at phreaker.net> wrote: 
> > I am currently idling in #wolveslug on efnet at the
> > moment.
> I'd like to agree with the efnet vote.  The IRCnet
> chan I'm guessing is to do with Savvy? I don't like
> freenode, but the consesus last time was for there...
As I am in a channel that is something to do with Savvy idling all day
and night it makes sense to also idle in #wolveslug on there ;-)

> I hardly go on irc now anyways, sometimes pop into
> #serialz or #bookz for research purposes ;)
go on you know it makes sense.  

> > sparkes
> fizz

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