[Wolves] mozilla annoyances ?

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Tue Feb 24 16:48:20 GMT 2004

David Goodwin wrote:

> Does anyone else here use Mozilla 1.6 on Linux ??
No, but I do use it on Windows, at work.

I'd like to know what people think of Mozilla. I use it, almost, by 
default, because:

- it isn't IE
- it does tabbed browsing
- the mail client ain't bad
- it's fairly quick
- it doesn't advertise at me.

Now, my question is: is Gecko a buggy rendering engine? I know that IE 
has its idiosyncracies, particularly the infamous box model bugs. 
However, on the website development that I'm producing content for, at 
work, I've noticed that the design renders pretty much the same in Opera 
and IE but does some very strange things in Moz. Is it a case of Moz is 
right and Opera is just trying to fit in with an IE biased world, or has 
Moz got some rendering problems?

The code for the site we're working on is pretty run of the mill stuff. 
But that's not really my point, so to recap: is Gecko a buggy rendering 

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