[Wolves] mozilla annoyances ?

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Tue Feb 24 17:28:43 GMT 2004

Aquarius wrote:

>Matthew Revell spoo'd forth:
>>Now, my question is: is Gecko a buggy rendering engine? I know that IE 
>>has its idiosyncracies, particularly the infamous box model bugs. 
>>However, on the website development that I'm producing content for, at 
>>work, I've noticed that the design renders pretty much the same in Opera 
>>and IE but does some very strange things in Moz. Is it a case of Moz is 
>>right and Opera is just trying to fit in with an IE biased world, or has 
>>Moz got some rendering problems?
>The former. While Gecko isn't 100% on spec, it's about 99.5% on spec. IE
>is about 70% on spec, and the Opera people lean more towards the 
>pragmatic "emulate IE bugs to make sites work" rather than the Mozilla
>team's "break sites if they get it wrong, because otherwise they'll
>never fix it".

Is there a Tony Blair (third way) in all of this? I mean, Mozilla's 
refusal to display alt tags as a tooltip seems to be a jobsworth act, to 
me: I know that, according to the standard, the title tag should be the 
tool tip, but in its absence (and title is absent on most sites on the 
web) then how does it hurt to improve the usability of a site by 
tooltipping the alt tag?

I've read, here and there, that a new IE is in development. Does anyone 
have any thoughts on how browsers are likely to go, in the short to 
medium term?

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