[Wolves] mozilla annoyances ?

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 08:43:57 GMT 2004

Aquarius wrote:

>Matthew Revell spoo'd forth:
>>Is there a Tony Blair (third way) in all of this? I mean, Mozilla's 
>>refusal to display alt tags as a tooltip seems to be a jobsworth act, to 
>>me: I know that, according to the standard, the title tag should be the 
>>tool tip, but in its absence (and title is absent on most sites on the 
>>web) then how does it hurt to improve the usability of a site by 
>>tooltipping the alt tag?
>It hurts a lot if you're using a screen reader, because a tooltip and
>alternative text for an image are completely different things.
>Essentially, the Mozilla team have the opinion that if they don't do it
>right, then no-one will ever, ever fix the problems, and they are right.
Now, I imagine your next mail is a rather longer rebuttal of my claim 
that alt should be displayed as a tool tip but I don't agree that it 
hurts if you're using a screen reader. It's the people who create crappy 
ALT tags who are causing the problem. If a title tag doesn't exist, 
what's the problem in displaying the alt tag, instead? With everything 
else that Mozilla do, in terms of sticking resolutely to standards, 
they're right. In this case, tho', I feel they're being anal. I'm going 
to do a lot more research on this, as I'm quite sure I'm right :) My 
research may well make me think otherwise. So, I'll post back in here 
when I'm more informed.

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