[Wolves] mozilla annoyances ?

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 11:39:04 GMT 2004

Helen Randle wrote:

>Two things - what's a tooltip? (so I know if it's displaying right!)
A tooltip is an additional piece of content that appears when you hover 
your mouse over something. Usually, that content appears under your 
mouse pointer. They're called tooltips as they were originally tips on 
what the icons in a tool bar were for.

Actually, I think I need to revise what I've said previously. People 
don't expect alt tags to work as tooltips: they expect them to give 
further information on an image, which may or may not function as a tooltip.

>And what's the best thing to do when I come accross a site that doesn't 
>display well with my browser? Should I let them know, or just ignore it and 
>possibly never visit the site again?

Depends how much you need the site and just how bad they're being. If 
there's a whole load of other sites that do what I want, I'll avoid 
those that are broken.

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