[Wolves] Fax from MySql database

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Jan 8 03:32:50 GMT 2004

Wayne Morris wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 16:37, Old Dan wrote:
>>>So is ODBC a thingy compatible and runnable on my Sql server?
>>ODBC = Open DataBase Connectivity.
>>Yes, there are ODBC drivers available for pretty much every database 
>>under the sun.  You don't run ODBC on the server machine - it is 
>>something for the client. (the machine running winfax)
>>Looking at the symantec website it looks like you can connect to any 
>>ODBC source, so you could use mysql or SQL Server, whatever is your 
>>(Of course, you could always go for PostgreSQL 'cause the rest all suck 
>>donkey's whatsits compared to it, but I won't go into that... :) )
>>...and of course, winfax is made by symantec so even lightning-speed 
>>hylafax is preferable... ::grins::
> Ok, got Myodbc, and it connects to my Mysql database across the network.
> In winfax I select this source and it offers me the correct table names to select
> from, but on selecting the table I get error rc=1012 which I can only find one example of
> on google and this is something about 'not supporting dynasets' and the answer given is
> to create a Access link table.
> Any clues anyone

Yeah - MySQL does not actually support dynasets at present(which is one 
of the reasons I said it sucks donkey do's), it is regarded as better to 
use snapshots.  The problem is, I don't think you have that option since 
this is a symantec app which you have no control over.

The creating an Access link table idea is nasty and may well not work. 
I have tried making multiple links at work - Access DB link to Access DB 
link to PostgreSQL Table - it doesn't work and I seriously doubt it 
would with winfax either.

You will not have this problem with postgresql - go on, you know it 
makes sense!  ;)
(Just make sure you use the ODBC+ v1.0 driver and not the ODBC 
v7.something one - the 7.something one ha[s|d] missing functionality)


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