[Wolves] Consultancy work thingie for union office.

Lee Parkes leep at bogus.net
Thu Jan 8 10:16:10 GMT 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 09:49:29AM +0000, Old Dan wrote:
> They have this problem - they believe their computers are being spied on 
> by management.  I think I concur - I looked at the machines a few months 
> ago and found WinVNC running on them.  The computers belong to the union 
> office, not the organisation, but they have a service agreement with 
> them which restricts what they can do.

What are the terms of the SLA? If they believe that they need the machines to
be reinstalled because, for example, they are running slow then can you do
that within those terms? This way you can install from known *trusted* media.
This would remove any spyware installed on the machines.

> Now I've got rid of WinVNC from their machines but they still are 
> paranoid management are nicking off with their files when they aren't 
> there.  What they want is unmonitored (at least by management) internet 

Install PGP. This way you can have an encrypted area on the disk where they can
save sensitive information. Also a personal firewall on each machine that blocks
all incoming connections, its a host not a server.. And then as you've
mentioned use smoothie as a perimeter firewall, again blocking access from the
external world to those machines. Install AV software as well (www.grisoft.com)
as this may help. 

The problem is if they have to go over the company network then there isn't
much you can do about keeping the traffic from being sniffed, unless you
can set up a VPN to an external proxy somewhere. Iirc Cult of the Dead Cow
were writing something that allowed people in oppressed countries to surf
without fear of the sites they visit being logged (www.cultdeadcow.com).


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