[Wolves] Progress report!!

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Fri Jan 9 05:43:31 GMT 2004

Mo Awkati spoo'd forth:
> I used "free" on the command line to check on memory
> usage and about half of the 512MB is used uP???? and
> that was straight from booting up to the desktop with
> no applications activated. Which command or
> application can I use to check on which processes are
> taking the memory and how do I free up some more??

Here is a useful tip: your computer should never have memory free,
really. There's no problem with having all of that 512MB used up all
the time. Memory is very fast; if memory is going unused, then the
machine is doing something wrong, and there is no reason why any
program running shouldn't grab all the free memory for itself so it can
run faster. What is more of a problem is if lots of swap is being used,
because swap is on disc and therefore slower. But if you see most of
your memory being taken up by programs, it means your machine is
running efficiently; it's not something to worry about.


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