[Wolves] PC LOCK UP

sparkes sparkes at phreaker.net
Sun Jan 11 09:21:57 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 09:13, Mo Awkati wrote:
> Hi
> Yet another question!!
> If an application locks the keyboard and mouse, how
> can I kill it to get the PC back without having to
> reset the PC??
If the keyboard and mouse are really locked up then there is little you
can do.

Sometimes X gives the impression that it has locked up when it hasn't
really.  If this is the case hitting ctrl-alt-backspace a few times
should restart X in a messy fashion.

If you can get to another virtual console you can find the app that is
playing up and kill it.  look at 'man ps' and 'man kill' for a few ideas
on how you can sort this out.

> Also, if I am running two sessions and I want to
> terminate one of the sessions how do I do it? Do I
> just log off, if I do that it prompts me to sign in as
> another user.
that means you have terminated the sessions.  Linux is a true multiuser
environment you have terminated a session when you log out letting
another user log in on that terminal.  

> Thanks
no probs Mo, I just hope we are helping

> Mo


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