[Wolves] Angel 3

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Jan 15 09:33:46 GMT 2004

sparkes wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 09:05, Old Dan wrote:
>> Yeah I know I know Mr. Goodwin, they're 4 years old(date 
>>back to 07/1999)
> might as well call them 5 years old by the time to box get's online they
> could be antiques
Not if I have anything to do with it it won't.  I was going to give that 
machine to my parents.  :)

Expect me to be a pain in the arse (for everyone's own good, of course 
:) ) until this machine goes online.

OK OK 4.5 years old...

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