[Wolves] Off topic - travelwm

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 16:24:12 GMT 2004

 --- David Goodwin <david.goodwin at openminds.co.uk>
>so it is likely that someone "leaked" your address to

>a news paper. 

Anyone want to admit to it?
> Regardless of the ethics of leaking your address, I
> would point out that 
> if you'd bothered to write a 10 line html file as an
> index to the site, 
> with a note that the real travelwm site is "here"
> you would not have had 
> any problems.

He shouldn't have nicked the domain, but we shouldn't
be dragged into this incident.  I don't want the right
wing local rag snooping into my private life.


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