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gary at walsall.uk.com gary at walsall.uk.com
Thu Jan 15 18:18:40 GMT 2004

Hi Sparkles,
If you look in the archives, I said that the domain was parked on a server which by default refreshed the viewers browser to diydating. I can't remember saying that some other isp did this ? If I'm wrong, tell me. I have a few other domain names that I have purchased but haven't set a site up for yet, ie walsall.uk.com, bilston.co.uk, brownhills.com which all point to this server, but lack of time means that I haven't got around to creating a site on them yet.

The email address I use here is at my walsall.uk.com domain and and I don't use that anywhere else, yet I suddenly seem to have an email sent to me from express and star using this exact email address.

Everything I have said in here is the truth and I'm not trying to get you guys on my side about this, I am merely trying to see what others think about this. After all, this is a discussion group on linux and internet related stuff, so I though that i would get some feedback from people who are more likely to know alot more about this subject than I do.

Thanks for information you guys have said to me, I appreciate everyones comments.


sparkes <sparkes at phreaker.net> wrote ..
> On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 15:58, gary at walsall.uk.com wrote:
> > Oh, I would like to thank the person who forwarded my email address to
> the express and star. The email address I use in here is only for here.
> I wonder if anything I posted previously in here will be in the paper soon.
> there are a lot of people on this list but it is not good for the
> environment we have built if we start doubting peoples ethics.  This
> mailing list is open to everyone reguardless of opinion.  We allow
> pretty much anything except hate so please do not allow these feelings
> to enter into your conduct on the list.
> right gary lets get a few things straight.  You live in Blakenhall, you
> run several dating sites and sell them as Leamore Internet.  Your
> company registration number is 4290478  At first I doubted that you had
> really done anything wrong but now I am thinking you brought this domain
> without good intentions.  If you think I might have got a few of these
> things wrong then how does 5 **** Lane help? which is where your PO box
> mail goes to right?  That's PO Box 2374, W3 xxx isn't it.  note I
> obsured a few things cos I don't want your details on our archive for
> everyone to see but they are available.
>  You said your isp automatically forwarded the domain until you took it
> down.  Well as someone said that's a funny isp to have.  Certainly
> 123reg.co.uk don't forward my names in this manner ;-) because I use
> them as well.  This was a downright lie.
> You started the lying on the list and then you accuse someone of passing
> infomation to the newspapers.  If I can find all this info in a couple
> of mins how long do you think it would take a journalist?  They use
> google for a living.
> Please don't involve our community in your dispute if you are not going
> to be honest with us.  
> I hate having to say all of this in public but it really was a little
> rude of you to bend the truth to get us onside and then start turning on
> us when you didn't find everyone aggreeing with you.
> sparkes
> Oh errrm, Z7700637, what infomation do you hold on me?
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