[Wolves] New Lug bloke

Simon Burke its_simon_burke at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 19 09:26:52 GMT 2004

>Simon Burke wrote:
>>This is my first post within the Lug. Im a sys admin/ graphic designer/ 
>>support guy/ technical consultant workin for some huge Microsoft fan in 
>>wolves science park.
>>Mainly BSD based on my new freeBSD5.2 machine at the mo, with 5.0 server's 
>>oh and everyone has atleast one XP machine, and use a mac osX 10.3.2 
>>(freeBSD based) at work.
>>Dan, where ever you are  is responsible for my joining.., *waves* hello!!
>::waves back::
>Now all we gotta do is get you to a meeting.  Cheers for the disk BTW - 
>worked a treat.  It must have been the other disk which was just dodgy.

Oakies i'll try my best to come to the next one, minus the other person, u 
know who i mean.  Oh and btw no probs if ppl need software esp MS stuff i 
can prolly get my hands on it. How much it costs depends on how much i like 
u, lol. Usualy price is a blank CD.
>(I'm not going to mention what the disk actually was 'cause then I'd have 
>to wash my mouth out with soap & water or sommat...)
>>ahh.. 1st quick question, does anyone know how to get "shutdown -k now" to 
>>work on mac osX as it keep coming back with the error that 'option -o 
>>require -r or -h' and all i want to do is logout local users, not shutdown 
>>in any form.
>Ah, start as we mean to go on..... Offtopic...  ;)
>(Bloody MacOSX grumble grumble moan moan grumble :P )
Mac os X is not that bad esp as its BSD based hehe. Oh well.. the ony real 
bad point is that aqua crashes alot im puttin KDE on it today but if anyone 
kows how to stop aqua running while im doing that it would be appreciated.
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