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Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Mon Jan 19 09:47:07 GMT 2004

Chris Procter spoo'd forth:
>>However, I found a thing that does nice keybindings (cua-mode.el, so I
>>get ctrl-C for copy, ctrl-x for cut, ctrl-s for save, ctrl-q for quit,
> Ahh, oh well.
>>First question: any Emacs users got any tips for things I can do to
>>make my emacs experience more pleasurable? ;)
> Revert to the proper keybindings and notice that they are actually the same
> as the bash keys (C-a for start of line, C-e for end of line etc) and
> everything else that uses the gnu readline library (and everywhere in OSX).

No. Absolutely not. See, this is one of the reasons why I've never used
Emacs in the past. I like my editor to work in a particular way, so, in
essence, since MyPerfectEditor doesn't exist as a set of defaults, what
I want is an editor which is customisable enough to make it into MPE with
a bit of tweaking. People who persist in telling me that what I want is
wrong and I should be doing it their way instead get the bum's rush PDQ. :)
> The most important thing I learned as an emacs newbie is that C-g is the
> cancel key for when you accidently find yourself having pressed some weird
> key combination.

I don't press any weird key combinations. I don't need much out of an
editor, but what i do need has to be there. And because I don't need the
Emacs default keybindings, I don't find myself pressing C-x C-v instead
of C-x C-c and having it do something weird.
>>Second question: any way I can speed the smegger up a bit on startup?
>>It takes ages while it loads up a load of libraries and whatnot...
> Make sure all of your elisp files are bytecode-compiled (.elc extension
> rather then .el) and check your .emacs file to make sure you aren't doing
> lots of "load" or "require" ing of modules you dont need.
> Apart from that just dont be closing it down and restarting it a lot,
> instead either use eshell or suspend emacs when you need the shell and fg it
> again when you need it. Vi is an editor you can start and kill for quick
> config file editing jobs, emacs is an editor you start up once then live in
> for hours. (I'm a huge emacs fan, but if its a short job I normally use vi
> because of its quick start up times)

See, people have said that. But I work in a virtual desktop environment, and
I like a separate window per file I'm editing. I don't like editing more
than one file in a window -- that's MDI, and it's pants. Moreover, if
I'm working on one virtual desktop, and I try to edit a file, I don't want
to have to switch to a different virtual desktop in order to get at my
Emacs window. If I can have it start a new frame on the v.d. I'm on, but
still run as part of the same Emacs process, then great, but I don't know
how to do that.


"As much as it pains me ;-) Aq is perfectly right."
        -- sparkes

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