[Wolves] GPL, IP and patents..

Lee Parkes leep at bogus.net
Mon Jan 19 15:43:20 GMT 2004

The company I work for has recently seen fit to amend all of our contracts and
get us to sign them agreeing to some new conditions. The bit I'm worried about
regards the fact that they own my ass 24x7 and anything I do AT ANY TIME EVEN
ON MY OWN EQUIPMENT, belongs to them. Now we use all Open Source, Free Software
stuff other than the network equipment. I get the impression that if my
employer tried to patent anything that falls under the jurisdiction of the GPL
then they could get themselves in hot water. I also disagree, very strongly,
with the idea that they own any ideas/inventions/whatever that I come up with
even in my own time.

Has anyone got any opinions on this?


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