[Wolves] GPL, IP and patents..

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Mon Jan 19 15:55:26 GMT 2004

Lee Parkes said:

> I also disagree, very strongly, with the idea that they own any
> ideas/inventions/whatever that I come up
> with even in my own time.

A firm I worked for once tried something like that. From what I remember,
I questioned it and was told that it didn't really apply to anything I did
out of work time. I don't think I ever signed it, tho' :)

I'm firmly against companies trying to make ridiculous claims to what
their employees do ... which is one of the reasons I stuck to contracting
for a while. I hate it when power mad idiots seem to think they own the
people who work for them.

As for the legality of it - I've no idea but it's a screwed world if it
would hold up in court.

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