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Jono Bacon jonobacon at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 19 19:28:15 GMT 2004


> this is why I believe they should stay.  How many
> times have you
> searched google for an answer and you found the best
> answer in a mailing
> list.  We might mess around a little and some of the
> banter between
> friends might look a little strange to an outsider
> but we do answer a
> hell of a lot of questions that others could benefit
> from.


> Perhaps we need a vote on if we should block the
> archives from
> non-subs?  This would limit it's helpfulness to
> none-members and
> wouldn't really protect the members that much better
> (except Peter whose
> googling is pretty rough at the moment, ou errr
> misses)

Everything will stay as it is. It is fine. :)


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