[Wolves] GPL, IP and patents..

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 12:03:09 GMT 2004

fizzy said:
>  --- David Goodwin <david at openminds.co.uk> wrote:
>> cd /pub
>> more beer
> I saw someone at wolves train station wearing that, I
> was almost tempted to go and say hello but I didn't.
> Also when I'm in WH Smith and I see people reading
> Linux magazines I always get tempted to speak to them,
> but for fear of looking a twat (I know, I should be
> used to it by now...) I never do...

In the days of yore, when I was a student, if I passed someone wearing a
heavy metal t-shirt, I'd sing a lyric very loudly at them, as I walked
passed. I didn't do this when alone, only with my friend, but I think it
still made me look odd. It kinda promoted, for me, the feeling of a metal
community, bearing in mind that back in 1996 the world was rather
anti-metal amd we had to stick together.

So, shout lines of kernel code at people, if you see them wearing
ThinkGeek shirts.

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