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My current employer tried to get me with a similar clause (plus several
other nasty ones), I went to talk to the MD (its a small company) and
explained my problem, he backed down and removed  the clause.

They were trying to stop me from taking work they had paid me for and using
it for my own ends, and from doing a bit of moonlighting on the side (and
thereby competing with them while they paid me), which I think is fair
enough, but had just been over zealous in the wording. We agreed that
anything that they paid me for (wether in or outside work time) was theirs,
and that I wouldn't do any paying work that could be seens as competing
while employed by them.

Another clause stated I couldn't take any work in the same business
anywhere, and couldn't work for any company at all within a 10 mile radius
of Hall Green (which covers pretty much all of Birmingham). That got cut as

So my advice is, if you have a problem with it take it to your boss along
with your best "I'm willing to be reasonable if you are but...",
non-confrontational face, and explain reasonably your issues, its possible
they are just seeing what they can get away with without anyone complaining.


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The company I work for has recently seen fit to amend all of our contracts
get us to sign them agreeing to some new conditions. The bit I'm worried
regards the fact that they own my ass 24x7 and anything I do AT ANY TIME
ON MY OWN EQUIPMENT, belongs to them. Now we use all Open Source, Free
stuff other than the network equipment. I get the impression that if my
employer tried to patent anything that falls under the jurisdiction of the
then they could get themselves in hot water. I also disagree, very strongly,
with the idea that they own any ideas/inventions/whatever that I come up
even in my own time.

Has anyone got any opinions on this?


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