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> Yeah, I agree. What I should have said was, something more like, "Consoles
> are no grounding for an education in computing ... and shut up, before
> someone mentions XBox Linux, etc :) Once you've got that grounding, you
> can do so much more for yourself in the world, than if you had the
> equivalent level of car knowledge."

They'll still try though.  Years ago I decided to do an electronic degree 
part time, and you could get status in subjects (credited with a pass) if you 
had either studied a similar subject previously, or if you had sufficient 
experience.  Lots of people on the course applied for status in the computer 
programming module.  It was my turn to see the subject head, and he said 
"I suppose you've got a Commodore 64 too".  "Yes" said I.  "Well you can't 
have status".  "Ah, but I've also been programming IBM mainframes for 7 years"
"OK, that's reasonable".  I was the only person to be granted status.

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