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Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Fri Jan 23 15:04:03 GMT 2004

Aquarius spoo'd forth:
> Old Dan spoo'd forth:
>> http://www.arstechnica.com/etc/linux/love-interview-1.html
>> It seems with 2.6 they're working on moving hardware device management 
>> into user space.  Anyone know any more than this?  Sounds way cool to 
>> me.  :)
> It is cool. udev rocks the bollock. I've been experimenting with it.
> Robert Love and some of the Gnome guys are putting together "Project
> Utopia" based on it. It's dead neat. The only issue I've found with
> it is that it only recognises stuff after you've started it up, which
> by definition means it won't recognise your hard drives and stuff
> (since they need to be up already in order to run anything!). If you
> only want it for digital cameras and the like then it's the mutt's
> nuts. If you want to abandon a static /dev entirely then you have
> to either boot Linux from an initramfs (hard complex stuff) or
> use a script some guy wrote (and I can't find) which walks through
> /sys (sysfs! it's everying /proc is supposed to be!) and creates
> device nodes for you from it.

Hm. http://kt.zork.net/kernel-traffic/kt20040120_248.html#4 covers
Greg's release of udev-011, which makes reference to "the udev
init script", which seems to be this walk-through-sysfs script that
I mentioned. So it's possible that mainline udev already does all
this. It just keeps getting better and better...


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