[Wolves] Glee - Was: Newbie new boy

Lee Jordan lists at leejordan.org.uk
Fri Jan 23 15:34:05 GMT 2004

It was a funny night,

How funny was the sleep sketch ... hillarious (yes I know I answered my own
question, defeating the point) You guys were on the right hand side, we were
opposite you on the left of the stage 3 rows back.

Dunno if you saw them all come out at the end and roll about in the beer on
Now how can I link this post to Linux?

Lee Jordan wrote:
> Ah but the t[r]oll road is even funnier still.
> We're gonna open a road, make people pay for it and then only allow one
> through per hour to make it look like the government's public transport
> policy is working ;)

Just make sure you're careful when going over bridges, especially with
the goat....

I also liked the bedtime chat sketch....

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