[Wolves] arch source control

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Sun Jan 25 20:14:17 GMT 2004

Aquarius spoo'd forth:
> Anyone tried the arch source control system? I'm in the process of
> migrating work to subversion, and, as usual, just as I start to catch
> up with the leading edge, the edge moves away again -- people seem to
> have stopped pimping svn over cvs and started pimping arch over
> svn. What's its deal?

On further investigation, it seems to implement a different
philosophy; instead of working like CVS (lots of people with working
copies and one central tree) it seems to work like BitKeeper (lots of
people with their own individual trees and you "pull" from a tree to
get the data). Larry McVoy slagged off arch something chronic on lkml,
but I'm not sure what I think of him -- I mean, he's doing a lot of
helpful stuff for the kernel guys, for which big respect, but he does
seem to have a big chip on his shoulder about it. Then again, maybe I
would if I tried to be helpful and everyone gave me shit all the time.

I shall stick with Subversion for now; arch seems to be more suited to
massively parallel distributed development, which our work projects
ain't. Moreover, people seem to have a low opinion of arch, from what
I can see.

Right, back to writing about smegging Java for this assignment...


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