[Wolves] Building a PC: suggestions

Helen Rose pinkteapot98 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 19:51:25 GMT 2004

> I'd think that something genuinely high-end would
> cost thousands.  Jono's
> specification of "fast" begs the question "relative
> to what?".  I guess
> what you really asking is for the best system for
> your budget
thats really what i was getting at. Sorry for not
making it clear. High end in the budget home pc market
would be a better description... I know about the most
expensive pre built sytem they had was around 500 quid
and that was very nice indeed for what was been payed
for it...
Tbh ive never built a system with sound in mind... i
think those ones were aimed more towards gaming!

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