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Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Jan 29 09:41:51 GMT 2004

James Turner wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 Jan 2004 8:12 pm, Old Dan wrote:
>>Katherine Goodwin wrote:
>>>If anyone is still reading their mail I don't think we will be there
>>>either- Its taken us 2 hours to get home from work and we don't really
>>>want to get stuck in wolverhampton if it snows/rains then freezes
>>>Hope you enjoy yourselves and nobody gets snowed in anywhere!
>>Maybe the same will go for me also...  :( :(
>>It's ten past eight and I'm still in Wednesfield for X sake!
>>(I am planning to get a taxi - there's no way I'm waying through THAT!)
> Same here too. Left work at 5pm. Arrived home at 10pm! :(
> Hope it was a good meet though and Aq had an enjoyable birthday party.
Well it /was/ a good meet - I did make it in the end - even though we 
were a little - how shall I say this - thin on the ground?  (There were 
4 of us - me, Ron, Sparkes and Jono)

You missed a free PCI NIC handout(courtesy of Ron), you bunch of big 
wusses.  :)


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