[Wolves] OT - play

Helen Randle helenr at gmx.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 16:02:05 GMT 2004

fizzy wrote:
> I'm in a play. It's called Hayfever and it's by Noel
> Coward.  It runs from Sunday the 3rd of April until
> Thursday the 8th of April, at the Royal School's
> theatre. It will cost you a few pounds, it will cost
> me my dignity :) If anyone wants to see me looking
> silly drop me a mail and i'll get you a ticket.

Cool! One of my favourite Noel Coward Plays!

Matthew Revell wrote:
 > *coughs* LUG field trip * coughs*
>Not a bad idea :)

I'd be up for a LUG trip!!


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