[Wolves] Cygwin/X

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Mon Mar 15 15:27:25 GMT 2004

David Goodwin wrote:
>> I don't quite get why people *want* truly remote X apps like that(it's 
>> the reason I had not tried the compression thingie until now).  Which 
>> X apps do you guys run remotely anyway?
> Bespoke Java applications for support etc.
Ah OK.

>>> However, there is a nifty program called "nx" which does far superior 
>>> compression than ssh can do (i..e you can use X over a 56k modem). 
>>> The people upstairs demonstrated this to me the other day, where a 
>>> full screen X desktop using gnome ran over a 128k isdn line and 
>>> appeared just as responsive as a local system. It was very impressive.
>>> See : http://www.nomachine.com/ (I think)
>> Yep, you have to pay for that.
> No, there's a free version available. The guys upstairs wouldn't have 
> paid for anything. (I think you can get a version you need to compile or 
> something... not sure if the source is available)
Hmmm.  Well it gave me the impression of all the clients being free but 
the server not - I distinctly remember reading the word 'evaluation' WRT 
that...  there does seem to be a lot of OSS involved though looking at 
the downloads page - and oh yeah, there the sources are, under 
'Developers'.... :)

Ah well, I take it all back...  Might try it meself in fact...  :)

I wonder how/if they've documented putting this thing together from 


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