[Wolves] Off-topic: Worst web hosting website in the UK

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Tue Mar 16 15:11:46 GMT 2004

Matthew Revell wrote:
> Carl Pickering wrote:
>>> this is my favourite http://www.ambhost.co.uk/pics/email2.gif wow! that
>>> makes me want to buy from them
> This is my favourite bit: http://www.ambhost.co.uk/pics/face3b.gif
>> I'm going to approach them for a re-design... I'll let you know what 
>> they say
> Nice one.

 From : http://www.ambhost.co.uk/aboutus.php

If you need more, Ambition Data Services has almost ten years of 
experience in supplying services to top UK companies. Try us out for a 
quote on graphic design, web set up, programming etc.
  As resellers, we aren't allowed to exactly match the offers available 
from ValueHost  We aim to make up for that with our level of service and 
support. An Ambhost customer is also a Valuehost customer, entitled to 
support from both Ambition Data Services and Valuehost. However, if you 
would prefer to deal directly and get even more space for your money, 
please feel free to follow the link or click on the banner below.


Is this site serious?


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