[Wolves] Mouse in the house

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 19:06:09 GMT 2004

 --- rob at annable.co.uk wrote: > My knuckles are about
to sieze up. I need a better
> mouse (currently 
> using a mini optical with my laptop) that has some
> quality ergonomics. 
> I do A LOT of work on CAD and use the scroll wheel
> extensively.
> What's everyone else's weapon of choice?
> Anybody ever use a trackball?

Never used a trackball, or done much CAD so these
areas I can't help with, but both ahem... Microsoft
and Logitech do some very nice stuff and have both
spent a lot on ergonomic research. In total hypocrisy,
my current keyboard/mouse duo are both MS (they *were*
free and I do hate myself for it), but I would suggest
Logitech of the 2, though they are usually a few quid
extra over MS.

Don't know much about anybody else really, I usually
dismiss them as cheap and inferior without thinking
about it, though I am certainly wrong.

In general terms, a mouse is a mouse and will work
with Linux if thats what you're after in particular,
though unusual variations may or may not. Generally
though, Logitech are well supported, presumably not
least because computer people spend more than casual
users on their tools and therefore people write the
Linux drivers for them.

> Rob




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