[Wolves] Fire hazard?

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 10:03:06 GMT 2004

fizzy wrote:

>>Loads of people in here run a machine or two
>>permanently: what's your 
>>experience? I'm sure we'd have heard if you'd had a
>>massive fire, but do 
>>you have any tips to reduce the likelihood of such
> Use a laptop :) 

I'm not made of money! :)

> My router was a laptop, and my main
> machine is a laptop.  They are silent (so they don't
> keep people awake) and don't heat up... much.  

They're quiet, that's true but mine gets very hot, some times. Have you 
not heard of the "man burns penis on laptop" story? :-D

> I guess
> you could buy one of those posh power surge preventer
> come UPS things, if you're feeling rich and
> paranoid....

Do you think it is just paranoia? Am I fairly safe?



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