[Wolves] Crying Wolf? Nanobots and e-funding

Rob Annable rob at annable.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 23:35:41 GMT 2004

A couple of interesting articles on NTK.net at the moment. The first of which 
has also been boingboinged. Somebody from Wolves has raised suspicians by 
claiming to have unleashed an army of bots that would cheerfully nail the 
Turing test. Anybody know him?


Below that is an article about funding for IT projects from the ODPM. 
MySociety.org has managed to gain funding via it's local council. The 
'e-innovations' project site is here:


You'll note the conspicuous lack of any project from Wolverhampton. Perhaps we 
should think about ways to put this right. I was reminded of Jono's Free 
Software Charities Register project.



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