[Wolves] What on earth is running on this computer?

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 22 19:11:46 GMT 2004

 --- Mark Ellse <mark.ellse at physics.org> wrote: > If I
go to a Windows machine, I right click on My
> Computer, choose 
> Properties and I see what software is running on it.
> How can I do the same for Linus. Like what version
> of linux is running;. 
> what version of Gnome, what version kernel etc:

uname -a will tell you about your kernel version,
architecture, type (multiprocessor etc), the time it
was built, using which compiler and a few other

Under Debian (I know you're running Fedora), dpkg -l
packagename will tell you if it is installed and what
version. I don't know the rpm equiv.

ps will tell you what processes you have running. As
root, ps aux (no need for the - symbol) will tell you
what processes are running for all users with a few
other details.

Hope that helps.

> M

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