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Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 23 11:13:38 GMT 2004

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> 2. Make a wireless DMZ
> Does Smoothwall know about wireless cards? I also
> wouldn't be able to
> access the internal network from the wireless
> network, which i want to
> be able to do. If I open up access from the DMZ,
> then we hve the
> wardrivers problem again.

No, Smoothwall has no wireless drivers and no tools to
configure them. Apparently some guy modded his
smoothie to create a 'Purple' wireless interface and a
lot of people put it on the wishlist forum but the guy
never submitted it and it never got done.

Here are 2 links on the topic and what other people


It's not something I fancied getting my hands dirty
with though to be honest.

I think the general concensus the last time this came
up was to use a vpn and despite Ron's excellent talk,
I can't remember how to go about this and where on the
network you put the 2 vpn end points I don't know.

Fizz looked at this and maybe Bam Bam, but Ron
probably knows off the top of his head ;)

> Which wireless products should I buy? One of the
> laptops is a Windows
> one, one Linux. If I go with option 1 and make a
> machine a bridge or
> router, that machine will be my machine, which is
> Linux.

Umm... I still haven't got mine working so I won't
recommend, but this guy seems to know what he's on
and the Wireless howto is at

Better have a look at that myself ;)




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