[Wolves] Wolves LUG wifi network

fr0st carl at fr0st.co.uk
Tue Mar 23 11:57:08 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 11:53, Matthew Revell wrote:
> Okay, I'm quite keen on the idea of setting up a wifi network, across 
> Wolverhampton. It'd be even better if we could connect to the rest of 
> the Consume network.
> Provided I can persuade Lyne to let me have some kind of PC on 24/7, I'm 
> up for it. I'm not sure what use it'd be but it'd be cool :)

You should build one of them Pringle antennas or buy something called a
Cantenna from cantenna.com. If you use one of these or make one, you can
increase the signal and distance by huge amounts.

Anyone up for building an Antenna one meet?

> Anyone else fancy it?

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