[Wolves] Window managers

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Wed Mar 24 14:51:07 GMT 2004

fizzy spoo'd forth:
> Simon Burke wrote:
>> I'm just starting to feel alone as I'm still using
>> blackbox. So I'm curious
>> if anyone uses anything else other than KDE/GNOME
>> not including consoles etc.
> I too use blackbox, everything else is just bloat.
> That's another thing that annoys me about knoppix hd
> install, it installs everything, including kde, so I
> have to spend ages removing everything I don't want...

# apt-get remove xlibs
(removes all X applications)
# apt-get install blackbox 
# installs window manager, pulls in X as a dependency

Once when I was bored I did a very basic Debian install (just the base
console system) and then did "apt-get install gnome-stones", just to
watch it pull in all of X and Gnome as dependencies. Worked, too. I
love Debian. :-)


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	   -- mewse

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