[Wolves] Linux Expo hotel bookings

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Wed Mar 24 15:04:01 GMT 2004

> Old Dan spoo'd forth:
>>> Nope. If there was the first chance of my firm using any Linux I'd jump
>>> at it, but I've been trying for four years and not got anywhere.
>> Do they not have any NT server boxen (critical update support
>> disappearing
>> at the end of the year) for which you could just say 'rather than
>> upgrade
>> to w2000 we could just save a packet by...'.
>> 'tis what I did.  (well, it wasn't a server *upgrade*, they just didn't
>> have one before...)
> You think I haven't tried this?
Well I /was/ beginning to wonder...
> "We're covered by Upgrade Advantage, so it doesn't cost anything"
> "We don't understand Linux, so we wouldn't know how to support it"
> "Oh, it's just Stuart going on about Linux again, yawn"
Oh.  I see.  Micro$oft whore$.

You have my sympathy.  :(

Who is mildly amused by the concept of Upgrade Advantage 'Not costing

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