[Wolves] Geostationary orbit (don't ask)

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Thu Mar 25 00:51:24 GMT 2004

Ron Wellsted spoo'd forth:
> <http://www.gsfc.nasa.gov/gsfc/educ/fyeo/faq/gorbit.htm> 
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geostationary_orbit> 
> <http://www.alcyone.com/max/writing/essays/geostationary-orbits.html> 
> (Sorry Aq)

Even though you have now proved it, I am still amazed. That's 10% of 
the distance to the moon, fergawdsake.

Goddammit. That's another fiver I'll have to wave goodbye to :)

Besides, this reaffirms Ron's status as the font of all knowledge!


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