[Wolves] co-axial [Rob Read This]

Rob Annable rob at annable.co.uk
Thu Mar 25 11:26:46 GMT 2004

> >  I have some RG59 Cable and the correct crimp connectors.
> > If you have the cable run prepared I will do the job for you if you
> > presume your in wolves).
> >
> > Re-LoaD
> >
> Thanks for the kind offer, I'd like to take you up on it, however...
> RG59? Is this the white cable that runs from the box on the wall and
> into my decoder? Or is it the black cable that runs from the street to the
> box on the wall? I was only really looking to extend the length of the
> from the wall to the decoder; this way I can easily move it between rooms
> unscrewing it.
> Rob
> ---------------------
> yes its the white stuff. (Exactly the same stuff tw use:) )
> I will give you all the connectors you will need..
> Re-

Cool. I'll sort out the run this weekend and give you a shout next week to
arrange something. What will you accept as payment in kind? (Trig, Sparkes,
Jono, Matt, Aq - no smutty jokes required ;)



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