[Wolves] Changing my sources.list to a local mirror

Simon Burke its_simon_burke at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 09:31:07 GMT 2004

On 25/3/04 5:04 pm, "TriG" <carl at fr0st.co.uk> wrote:

>>  but that was yesterdays strange referer today is a
>> google search for "seod osla" (without the quotes) god only knows what
>> the searcher was looking for ;-)
> Backwards that says 'also does' Do you think they were lookin to see if
> you really do, do men :P
Hate to say this but It could be Czech, It can be translated into saying
'myself from enfeeblement' (se'od osla). That just an approximate
translation, cuz its pretty much a literal one, but you get what it means.

Im really sad I know.. :((  I don¹t get out much?? Just finally got oracle
10g woring on my server at home too..

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