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Simon Burke its_simon_burke at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 31 14:59:44 BST 2004

On 31/3/04 1:30 pm, "Old Dan" <dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org> wrote:

> Actually all I was saying was that you should take out the bits which
> aren't needed, like (for instance) the bit at the bottom put there by
> mailman.  I wasn't directly referring to content - notice I've kept all
> the content I feel is relevant in /this/ reply.  It isn't the first time
> I've mentioned this either.
Well, I'm sorry to say but I'm gonna voice my opinion, while im waiting for
a render. I'm getting bored and annoyed of all this trimming business. I
understand why people are saying it and I agree with some of it. But for the
past couple of days its been nothing but posts about trimming, and this isnt
the first time. 
I'm not b*tching at anyone in particular, I jusr flet the need to intervene.
Everyone does things differently and that ow I see it, infact I just have
one e-mail account Lug stuff another for personal another to send junkmail
to when signing up for things and the list goes on. The LUG one is just an
inbox no folders, so I can follow it easily, and esp as I have over 700Mb
storage, I delete everything at least 3weeks old.

Anyway this is a LUG not a trimming mailing list, to quote someone from last
time we had a discussion like this, and this is most true.
> Well that's up to you.  It does mean that you're going to annoy
> people(not just me) if you continue in this way.

Sorry to say that but I felt it needed to be said, and I am open to your
wrath, but plz I know its annoying but lets not be so pedantic about it.
Lets just work it out once and for all, and maybe just send out a welcome
e-mail with rules to new members, and end this madness

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