[Wolves] Text size

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Sat May 1 04:45:26 BST 2004

Simon Burke spoo'd forth:
>> Do you actually mean ASCII? Are you absolutely sure you do?
>> If you really do, then one ASCII character is one byte.
>> However, in a world with Unicode in it, you can't just blithely assume
>> this. You have to be careful. Unicode is a Big Complex Topic.
> Ok,
> Well basically i just wanted to prove on paper that a database that can be
> upto 2Tb in size, would more than suffice for a web application for
> recording the companies worklogs, when at present there is only 3
> employees and a view to soon becoming 4. Hence why i wanted to figure out
> how much data 2Tb can hold in terms of text.

Two bloody terabytes? Unicode may complicate matters a bit, but not that
flamin' much. Do the people you're trying to prove this to have any
idea how much two terabytes is? Twenty terabytes would hold all the books
in the Library of Congress. 

I know you know that it's enough, but, like, do they not have a clue?

Moreover, I'll bet you don't have 2Tb of store to put this database on :)


"As much as it pains me ;-) Aq is perfectly right."
        -- sparkes

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