[Wolves] Open source solutions to common computer needs

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Thu May 6 16:38:04 BST 2004

Matthew Revell wrote:

>> Depends what market your aiming at - getting business people to use 
>> something unsupported is not easy (Support, someone to blame etc) so 
>> SuSE or RedHat ...
> I think that's probably beyong the scope of this exercise. Really, I'm 
> just looking for a problem and an open source solution. Looking at 
> support issues, etc, is maybe a future part of the Infopoint documentation.

Just to add to that, I think you've raised a very valid point. I reckon 
a few small biz people could come to the Infopoint stalls. Does anyone 
have any suggestions as to what to say about support? I suppose it's a 
case of, "Look, you either want this free software, or you don't." 
Either that, or we want to organisations who do provide Linux support - 
Kat, is this something Clocksoft do?



Matthew Revell.

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