[Wolves] The only Linux machine on a Windows network

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Thu May 6 23:08:29 BST 2004

Adam Sweet spoo'd forth:
> Now, I can't get out of the network. That is, I can
> use Samba to connect to our servers and stuff and view
> our intranet, but I can't get out onto the internet.
> It's picking up a DHCP lease ok from an NT4 server
> with the correct ip address, subnet mask and DNS
> servers, but no internet. ifconfig reports all of the
> right stuff for eth0.
> I can ping our servers, but I can't ping Yahoo or
> anything external, I can't try a traceroute because
> its not installed and I don't have anything to install
> it from.
> I tried to be clever and add our router as the default
> gateway, but I got the following error:
> SIOCADDRT: Network unreachable

Is the router on the same subnet as your machine? Doesn't sound
like it is :)

Does net access at work go through a proxy?


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