[Wolves] The only Linux machine on a Windows network

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Fri May 7 11:29:56 BST 2004

> Erm sounds like the windoze machine have two subnets on the same NIC
> which IMHO is a really dodgy practice. If this is the case you would
> need to add a alias on the NIC to make
> eth0:0 192.168.0.x
> eth0:1 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (internet settings).
> BTW this is a EXTREMELY dodgy way to setup a network

Shouldn't this should have been shown in the  "ipconfig /all" output ?
I'd expect there to be another IP address bound to the card.... on the 
same network as the router, but I can't see one...


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