[Wolves] delicious link logger

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Tue May 11 08:29:28 BST 2004

Rob Annable spoo'd forth:
>> Why not just write something that
>> subscribes to your del.icio.us RSS feed and converts it (or xslt's it,
>> or whatever) into HTML?
> I suspect that this is very good advice Aq, however, you're forgetting that
> I make buildings for a living, not code.

Oops. Sorry, I forget sometimes that not everyone is a hacker. :)

> There's a link on the de.licio.us site to a perl script that, when cron'ed,
> will extract your links and deliver a file into your blosxom folder as an
> entry. It's exactly what I'm after, but predictably, I can't get it to work.
> My error log says:
> [error] [client] Premature end of script headers:
> /home/rytdsjzi/public_html/rob/deli.cgi

Um. It's not a CGI. I think that's your problem; you need to run it
from the command line or from cron, not by visiting it in the web


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